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Superior abstract-concept learning in Clark's nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana)

Data from Magnotti, JF, Katz JS, Wright AA, Kelly DM. 2015. Biology Letters. If you have any questions about these data files or the paper, please contact me: john dot magnotti at gmail dot com

8-item acquisition

Each row contains the accuracy for a given acquisition session. Each column is for a separate nutcracker. The first row contains the bird names.


  1. Correction procedure was used until the birds met an acquisition criteria
  2. A fixed-ratio observing response was increased during acquisition (starting with FR 1, increasing to FR 20).

Download the nutcracker 8-item training data. Latest version is 8 May 2015.

8-item transfer

Each row contains the accuracies for each trial type (baseline and transfer) for a given transfer session. Each nutcracker has TWO columns. The first column is the baseline accuracy (averaged over 90 trials), the second column is the transfer accuracy (averaged over 10 trials).

Download the nutcracker 8-item transfer data. Latest version is 8 May 2015.