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To create your account, please go to and use your full BCM email address and choose a login. The system will ask you a series of questions about yourself and your contact info. It will then send an email to me for approval. Once I approve it, it will generate a temporary password and will prompt you to change it.

You will have data entry access only. Once you enter the data and save it, you are not able to make any changes. You will only be able to see the information you entered, not of others in your lab.

Starting immediately, you will be asked to use this method to track your use of the scanners. You will also complete the ½ sheet as you have done in the past. I can show you how to use the system. Please just let us know when a good time is for you. If you want to do this as a group, we can do a brief crash course in the conference room.

You will also track any development time in this system as well. If this time is deemed “free of charge”, you will not be billed, but the hours will be recorded.

Since we are moving to an electronic database for usage of the scanners, it is very important that this information be as accurate as possible. Please take the time to log on to this system while you are imaging and complete the datasheet. This should be completed before you leave the scanning area and the end of your study! It is not acceptable to complete this form later in the day or next day.