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</style></head> </html> UCL Computational Systems and Synthetic Biology

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We apply mathematical modelling, experimental methods and Bayesian statistics to problems in systems and synthetic biology. Our goal is to make biology more predictive.

We build models of biological systems expressed as dynamical systems (differential equations, stochastic processes) in order to better understand them, elucidate their regulatory mechanisms and enable us to engineer them for therapeutic purposes. We use techniques from molecular biology, fluorescent time course microscopy and flow cytometry to test model predictions and to help us better understand the underlying biology so that we can create more accurate representations.


  • July: Mae features on Women Who CUDA
  • June: Philipp gives a talk at IWBDA 2014
  • June: Chris gives a talk at the London Gene Expression meeting
  • June: We welcome Tanel Ozdemir who joins the group from the BBSRC LiDO programme
  • April: Mae and Miriam Leon give talks, and Lourdes a poster at MASAMB 2014
  • March: Chris gives a seminar at the NIMR

Who We Are and What We Do

General Information