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Unit 2: How to engineer life: Techniques and Protocols (2/7-3/15)

Learning Objectives: Students should leave this unit equipped with a theoretical understanding of the typical lab techniques used in synthetic biology projects. Students will understand how laboratories carry out their work: from basic design and DNA construct assembly to data collection. Emphasis will be on good lab/experimental controls and the collection of statistically valid measurements. Students will also understand how commonly used lab devices function and explore the recent efforts to simplify and lower in cost.

Dates Tuesday Thursday
2/7, 9 Choosing a Scientific Problem Synthetic Biology Design
2/14, 16 Assembly Methods Assembly Methods (Continued)
2/21, 23 Analysis - How do we measure function? Analysis (Continued)
2/28, 3/1 Mathematical Modeling Modeling (Continued)
3/6, 8 Project Day BioHacking
3/13, 15 Presentation #2 Presentation #2

The complete syllabus (including Units 1 and 3) can be viewed at the BME494 BlackBoard site.