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Place your group members in alphabetical order by last name. Type in your topic, and then a short description of what you want to address. Please follow our example (group 7) if you need any help with wiki editing.

Group Members Topic Description
1 Jose Gutierrez
Abhishek Kashyap
Susannah Payne
Deepa Raghunathan
Sudhir Shenoy
Water Conservation Education Inform populations about the importance of conserving water and finding feasible methods of cleaning water systems in developing countries (& finding alternate water resources)

2 Bill Rodney
Andrew Horton
Kishore Khan
3 Jennifer Ge
Spoorthy Gudavalli
Stephanie Y. Orci
Isis Trenchard
Education/Literacy Creating a self-sustaining education system for developing countries
4 Athra Kaviani
Paul Rezvani
Pouya Feizpour
Matthew K. Hogan
5 Angela Hsiao
Daphne Hao
Jessica Rodriguez
Kaitlin G.
6 Cristina Garcia
Clair Hollingsworth
Melizza Rodriguez
AIDS Healthcare Creating awareness about the need for generic AIDS medicines and developing affordable solutions for treating and preventing AIDS
7 Huda Abdul-Razzak
Jenny Nguyen
Randi Voss
Empowering Women Help women achieve financial autonomy through fair trade clothing company