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Name: Anwar Gadhi
Roles: Mutant Rat Sensei and Adoptive Father. He's also pretty lit.
Name: Jayashree Iyer
Role: Fiery, Violent Bad Boy
Name: Ivan Quidera
Roles: Comedian and Party Dude
Name: Joshua Lugay Rodil
Role: Brave Leader
Name: Katie Wilkinson
Roles: Scientist, Inventor, Engineer, and Technological Genius

Our Brand Name


Bayesian Statistics

Overview of the Original Diagnosis System

What Bayes Statistics Imply about This Diagnostic Approach

Intro to Computer-Aided Design

3D Modeling

Our Design

Feature 1: Consumables

In a standard PCR machine, the usual consumables that are required are a mixture of various organic materials, or a PCR mix. They allow for the process of DNA replication on a single desired section to take place. The following ingredients are required: a source of the DNA that is to be replicated, two seperate primers that will attach to the strands of DNA in the process, nucleotides that will make up the

Feature 2: Hardware - PCR Machine & Fluorimeter

In order to properly explain how our flourimeter will be implemented in our original device, we must first understand what a fluorometer is. A fluorometer