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Name: Reyna Armbrust
Name: Justin Pettit
Name: Luis Vazquez
Name: Lauren Ospina
Name: Karen Lopez

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Bayesian Statistics

Overview of the Original Diagnosis System
Lauren's part

What Bayes Statistics Imply about This Diagnostic Approach

The results from calculations 1 and 2 imply that using individual PCR replicates to conclude that a person has a disease SNP is reliable. This is seen by both of the calculations being so close to one. The first shows that if a person has a positive result they have a high probability of having the SNP. The second calculation shows that having a negative result will have a high probability of not having the SNP.

The results from calculations 3 and 4 imply that PCR is pretty reliable. For calculation 3, the reliability was really low, closer to 50%, when the PCR test was used for positive specimens. When PCR is used to test for a negative result, then the results are very reliable and can generally be used to correctly predict the results.

Possible sources of error could have occured in transferring the liquid from the PCR tubes into the big Buffer tubes. Remaining liquid could have been dicarded along with the used micropipette tip. Human error that could have occured in the detection steps would be placing the SYBR Green 1 drop on the wrong side of the glass slide. The drop of SYBR Green 1 would disperse if placed on the wrong side. This would affect the analysis using ImageJ because an innacurate area recording would be taken since the shape of the drop would be changed. A third possible source of error could have occured in aligning the drop and the blue LED light. Failure to do this would not ensure a high emission of light when a high concentration of DNA was added to the SYBR Green 1.

Intro to Computer-Aided Design

3D Modeling

Our Design

Feature 1: Consumables

Feature 2: Hardware - PCR Machine & Fluorimeter