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Josh, Trevor, Tim, Jesus, Tajinder

Name: Rayan Alnami
Name: Ricardo Avila Person
Name: Renee Chao
Name: Nadene Hubbard
Name: Erik Sandoval-Ansel
Name: Irene Zhang


Health Care Issue

Doctors are often inadvertently responsible for causing infections as a result of not washing their hands. One of the best ways to prevent hospital infections is for health care workers to wash their hands prior to seeing the patient. Health care workers only wash their hands before seeing a patient an average 48% of the time.

McCaughey, Betsy. Hospital Infection Fact Sheet. Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (rid),

Customer Validation

1) Food and Drug Administration 2) Occupational Safety and Health Administration 3) St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center 4) Banner University Medical Center 5) Phoenix Children's Hospital 6) Tucson Medical Center 7) Phoenix Baptist Hospital 8) Lindsay S Ackerman MD (602-354-5770) 9) Roberta H Adams MD (480-342-4800) 10) Philip D. Adelson (602-933-0975) 11) Philip D. Adelson (602-933-0975) 12) Laura H Adler MD (602-404-5200) 13) Abrazo Maryvale Campus 14) Dignity Health Mercy Gilbert Medical Center 15) Barrow Neurological Institute 16) Gilbert Hospital 17) Havasu Regional Medical Center 18) Mayo Clinic 19) Paradise Valley Hospital 20) Arrowhead Hospital

Phoenix Magazine, Top Doctors,


1) Washing hands 2) Hand sanitizer

1) Washing Hands: Kills bacteria effectively 2) Hand Sanitizer: Quick and portable

1) Washing Hands: Time consuming and dries hands 2) Hand Sanitizer: Dries hands, does not clean visible dirt, and it's flammable.

Why our device is more marketable: Our technology is more beneficial in that it takes approximately 10 seconds to use, kills bacteria as effectively as washing hands, and prevents dry hands. Also, with the use of our UV lighting system, hospitals can cut back on water usage.

Moore, Shelley. The Disadvantages of Hand Sanitizers. LiveStrong, 18 Jul. 2017,

Holmes, Cynthia. The Fight Against MRSA, Flu, and Other Bacteria & Viruses: Hand Washing Versus Hand Sanitizers. March 2009,

IP Position

After looking up patents, there was one that had a relatively similar idea to ours. Which was a Germicidal Floor, Germicidal Foot, and a Hand Cleaning System. It consisted of a base emitting UV rays meant to cleanse the feet and mounted on a pole was a box that would emit UV rays to cleanse the hands. There were mirrors used to direct the rays in a uniform manner to maintain safety and efficiency. The Patent was abandoned at an unknown time, but was introduced in 2009.

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Customer Validation

IP Position