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Name: Haley Archambault
Name: Hannah Graff
Name: Courtney Gadbois
Name: Elizabeth Meneses
Name: Carson Minarik
Name: Thalia Dinh


Descriptive Statistics


Gold Standard-average heart rate: 88.92493188 bpm

Gold Standard-Standard Deviation: 23.2322 bpm

Gold Standard- Standard Error: 1.21271

Spree- average heart rate: 88.3442623 bpm

Spree- Standard Deviation: 22.99430953 bpm

Spree- Standard Error: 1.210226316


Gold Standard-average temperature: 97.255 F

Gold Standard-Standard Deviation: 1.173 F

Gold Standard-Standard Error:0.0608126

Spree-average heart rate: 99.267 F

Spree-Standard Deviation: 1.347 F

Spree-Standard Error: 0.0696767


Heart Rate p-value: 0.390217623

Pearson's r correlation: 0.8233

Temperature p-value: 4.695E-77

Pearson's r correlation: 0.167425

The t-test was used for the comparison of the spree's temperature and the gold standard temperature, because there are only two groups being compared. The t-test was used for the comparison of the spree's heart rate and the gold standard heart rate, because there are only two groups being compared.

The heart rate is not statistically significantly different because the p-value is higher than 0.05 at a value of 0.390217623.The Pearson's r correlation was 0.8233 showing that there is a positive correlation.

However, the temperature readings are statistically significantly different, because the p-value is less than 0.05 with a value of 4.695E-77. The Pearson's r correlation was 0.167425 showing that there is not a correlation.


Design flaws included that the spree device is too expensive, the spree battery keeps running until the battery dies, the spree doesn't accurately measure body temperature, the bluetooth disconnects, and it was not adjustable for different head sizes.

Recommendations: Too expensive: The creators of spree should use cheaper material. Battery runs out and does not turn off until dead: Make a power off button and make a longer battery life. Doesn't accurately measure body temperature: Use actual body temperature rather than levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Bluetooth disconnecting: The creators of spree should better the bluetooth connection by investing more money in adaption of signal. Not adjustable: Different size spree devices should be made.


Target Population and Need

The targeted population is those that deal with stress. This could be millions are people.

The reason this device is needed is to create a knowledge on how to balance one's life, regarding sleep, work, and exercise.

The Solace is a biodevice that calculates stress levels by inputting your activity and it calculates your blood pressure and heart rate. The device has a database that configures results for the individual for their specific needs based off of the data collected after every 24 hours. The device has an adhesive patch that sticks to an individual's skin which then collects the data. The data is then sent to the corresponding app called SOLACE and the individual can view their results and advise them on how to lower stress.

Needs of the device:

Waterproof/sweat resistant: This device will contain waterproof electronics as well as adhesive. Wireless: The device will use bluetooth with a corresponding app. Measures stress: The device will measure stress through the collection of data on the variance of heart rate. Activity differentiation: The device will have programming that will compute the targeted heart rate for activities such as sleep, work, exercise, and an overall balance in a day. Covering: The device will have a covering that has adhesive on the back and a slit that contains the device.

Inferential Statistics

Gold Standard: Mean:1.7 Standard Deviation: 0.814411018 Standard Error: 0.115175111

Solace: Mean: 1.72 Standard Deviation: 0.809131558 Standard Error: 0.114428482

Neumitra: Mean: 1.26 Standard Deviation: 0.486973159 Standard Error: 0.068969404


- Gold v. Solace: 0.902211501
- Gold vs. Neumitra: 0.001443479


- Gold vs. Solace: 0.953875856
- Gold vs. Neumitra: 0.097770729

Our P-value indicates that our data is statistically significant and that there is a different between the drop in stress level in the Solace and Neumitra.