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Name: Logan Martin
Name: Tyler Mitchell
Name: Maryam Alsuwailem
Name: Amber Sogge


Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics
Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics


The paired T-test for the heart rate value was rendered insignificant. The value was 0.098 which is more than the excepted 0.05. The data for the temperature readings on the spree device was also rendered insignificant. The T-test values for the temperature was 0.63 which higher than the excepted range therefore the temperature recorded for the Spree device shows no direct correlation to the gold standard.


Overall, the results failed for this experiment.



Overall, the data for both the temperature and the heart rate readings for the Spree device when compared to the Gold Standard was not significant when paired with a T-test. There was some potential error that could have contributed to these results. The first problem was that the thermometer used for the gold standard sometime misread the temperature of the user. The second problem was that the batteries had to be changed in the pulse oximeter halfway through the experiment. The user had to stand still for the period of time while the batteries were changed. Overall, with the other readings, the data still had significant deviation and was irrelevant.


Target Population and Need

Target Population:
The target population for this product would be the 3 million people that have a peanut and tree nut allergy. Of this 3 million, 1 in 13 children have a peanut or tree nut allergy, so this device would be used by their parents also to check their food.

Needs Assessment:
There are situations in which food is not clearly marked for people with allergies so those people need a way to check to see which foods they can eat.

Problem Understanding Form:
The device must…
1. Check accurately for peanuts or tree nuts and clearly indicate if there are any
2. Be portable
3. Not be very noticeable
4. Be easy to use
5. Reusable

The engineering requirements are…
1. An accurate test to determine the presence of the allergen
2. Small and light design
3. Not be any more noticeable than a cell phone at a table
4. Simple process to input data without many steps
5. A way to check food without having to replace any parts in the device

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Device Design

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Inferential Statistics



Graph with T-test