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Name: Taylor Barda
Name: Mary Cauley
Name: Steven Stamm
Name: Doug Brown
Name: Andrew Soich
Name: Alexandra Davis


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent-The Independent variable is the dosage of lipopolysaccharide given to an elderly patient. Dependent-The dependent variable is the inflammatory protein inflamatin that is found in the elderly after given certain dosages of lipopolysaccharide.

Experimental Design

Take 6 groups of 10 people (5 male + 5 female)/group between the age of 65-75. They will be labeled Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5, and Group 6. Group 1 will be the control group. They will be given no lipopolysaccharide (a placebo) to show that elderly people generally have inflammation in their body. Group 2 will be given 2 mg of lipopolysaccharide a day for 6 weeks. Group 3 will be given 4 mg of lipopolysaccharide a day for 6 weeks. Group 4 will be given 6 mg of lipopolysaccharide a day for 6 weeks. Group 5 will be given 8 mg of lipopolysaccharide a day for 6 weeks. Group 6 will be given 10 mg of lipopolysaccharide a day for 6 weeks. Before the experiment begins all test subjects will have their blood tested to see how much protein is currently in their blood. This process will start on Monday. Every Monday thereafter each subject will be tested to see if there was a change in their protein level.


6 Groups



Number of subjects per group

10 people/ group (5 females, 5 males)

Subject Selection

Subjects will be randomly selected by social security number with a random number generator.

Sources of Error and Bias

Potential sources of error and biases within this experiment include: Some elderly people may not want to take the pill. The pill or dosage can affect those of varying weights differently Males and females could be affected differently. Some elderly people will be on other medication that could alter the effects of their response to the drug.