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Descriptive Statistics




For the Spree headband, the first flaw noticed was that the range for the cell phone was not substantial. If movement occurred, or if the cell phone was not in an appropriate position, the readings would become erratic, therefore, making them unreliable. A suggestion for this would be to offer a secure holder for the cell phone within an appropriate distance of the headband. Another flaw was that the temperature reading was vague and at times, not comparable to the gold standard measurement. A suggestion for this flaw is to make the temperature reading more specific so that the wearer can be more aware of body temperature, or to take body temperature away and have the outside temperature, instead. After using the headband for several minutes another flaw, sweating, became apparent. Since the headband is right against the forehead, with no barrier against the sensor, sweating made the readings inaccurate at times. A suggestion for this flaw would be to provide a thin, waterproof layer, between the forehead and the sensor to prevent the sensor from becoming filled with sweat. Lastly, a phone application prevents usage in high temperature settings in some regions. Going outside to exercise may not be possible due to the restrictions of heat and the sensitivity of the electronics of the cell phone. A suggestion for this would be to allow the headband to hold downloadable information, for users in high temperature areas for accessible information after exercising.

A noticeably good attribute of the headband was that it was comfortable to wear. It created a non-slip surface on the forehead, even after sweating. The headband appears sporty with a neutral color and sleek design. It was also thin and not overly bulky, and wearing it on the head was comfortable.


Target Population and Need

Our design concept fits a wide audience. It can be used by exercise enthusiasts, amateur athletes and even the elderly to monitor their rates as they go about their day. No other design can manage an audience as complex as the eGem. It can be used as both an entertainment device and as a health monitor for the audience members who need these specific rates analyzed. Results from the eGem can be downloaded to be presented to a doctor or meet the demands of any health program.

Device Design

eGem is a health monitoring device with sensors on the stem and the ear bud part of the device to measure temperature and heart rate. eGem comes as a pair so that the user can also enjoy music via Bluetooth. The microphones are positioned conveniently at the lower stem of the device to function as voice recognition. The Bluetooth function will also help with the measurement of distance. eGem comes in various neon colors and also in neutral tones. The lithium batteries provide a long lasting life. It is affordable and easy to carry device. The slogan is "Anytime, Anywhere, eGem". The company name is also eGem.

Inferential Statistics