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Name: Bryce Goldthwaite
Name: Samuel Rios
Name: Stephen Lane
Name: Christian Manriquez
Name: Your name
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Descriptive Statistics

Average Heart Rate Gold Standard Mean: 95.61 BPM, Spree mean: 96.70 BPM

Heart Standard Deviation Gold Standard: 22.99, Spree: 23.42

Average Temperature Gold Standard: 97.25 degF, Spree: 98.80 degF

Temperature Standard Deviation Gold Standard: 1.02, Spree: 1.20


Temperature measurements:

Heart rate measurements:



From our comparisons of the gold standards and the spree headband, it has shown a good correlation with measuring the heart rate of the subject but poor correlation when measuring the body heat. One reason for the difference in measuring the body heat is where the head band was located and where the gold standard measured. Because the subject walked outside and the headband is located on the outside of the body, the sunlight may have distorted the measurements of the real body heat. One way this could be fixed is either relocate to another more covered part of the body or apply a photosensor to it in order to account for the external heat of the environment.


Target Population and Need

Target Population: The "FlexPack" posture-correcting backpack is targeted at high-school to college-age students who use backpacks regularly to carry their text books, folders, and other school supplies.

Need: When combined, the weight of the text books, binders, papers, and folders that full-time students carry in their backpacks is substantial. Oftentimes, a student who wears a backpack will carry their entire supply inventory by necessity, as lockers sometimes aren't readily available or nearby. Often, the weight is enough to force the student into a slouched posture when they wearing their backpacks. A visit to any college or high-school campus will verify this observation. Good posture is an important part of a healthy body, and there are currently no products on the market that help the user monitor their carrying weight or help to monitor and correct bad posture.

Problem Understanding

Engineering Requirements
Bluetooth connectivity
Pressure sensors
App for smart phone integration
Scale in base
Back brace
Posture correcting straps

Customer Needs
Padded straps
Light weight
Sleek design
Smart phone app
Smart phone compatibility
Feedback on posture
Feedback on weight distribution

Device Design

Inferential Statistics

Post-hoc Tests

No BP vs. Hiking BP, t-test value:0.000368085, New p-value 0.0167, Significant? Yes

No BP vs. Our BP, t-test value:4.0565E-06, New p-value 0.0167, Significant? Yes

Hiking BP vs. Our BP, t-test value:2.48449E-17, New p-value 0.0167, Significant? Yes