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Name: Tiffany Nguyen
Name: Maria Dooling
Name: Dalia Sarbolandi
Name: Nolverto Gutierrez
Name: Brenden Smith
Name: Nathaniel Olsen


Independent and Dependent Variables

Objective/Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine the lowest possible dose of an inflammation inducing agent (lipopolysaccharide) that will increase a newly discovered inflammatory protein (Inflammotin) in the elderly.


Independent: The independent variable of the experiment is the dosage of the inflammation inducing agent (lipopolysaccharide) given to the subject. Measured in milligrams. Subjects will be given doses of 5mg, 6mg, 7mg, 8 mg, and 9mg.

Dependent: The dependent variable of the experiment is the inflammatory protein (Inflammotin) levels of the subjects after the inducing agent is delivered. Measured in blood samples using ELISA.

Experimental Design

a) There will be 4 groups of elderly split into two major groups, male and female. Then those groups will be divided into 2 subgroups of two age ranges, with 50 people in each group. The age groups will be ages 65-80 and 81-95. Within each age/gender group of 50 people, 10 will be given 9 mg of the drug, 10 will be given 8 mg of the drug, 10 will be given 7 mg of the drug, 10 will be given 6 mg of the drug, and 10 will be given 5 mg of the drug

b) 50 people per group, with 10 per group being given 9 mg, 10 being given 8 mg, 10 being given 7 mg, 10 being given 6 mg and 10 being given 5 mg. Before they are given the drug, Inflammotin levels in their blood will be measured, and after they are given the drug, new blood samples will be taken and tested. The age range of the groups will be 65-80 and 81-95.

Number of subjects per group
Within each of the 4 groups (two age ranges and two genders), there will be 50 people. 200 people total will participate. Within the 4 groups of 50 people, groups of 10 will take different dosages.

Subject Selection

Subjects will be chosen based on average health expectancies for that age group. So people with chronic heart disease or any other type of serious health defect that might affect experiment results will be rejected from the test group so that the test results will be relevant to the average person in that age group.

Sources of Error and Bias

Error: Groups may not be large enough to have variance due to budget issues. Age range may be too large. Previous health issues that could affect how the drug affects them. Subject could possibly be taking other medications. The lowest dose being given is 5 mg when it is possible that a lower dose might work, however, because the lab is running on limited funds, they are not being tested at this time.

Controls: Age ranges- no one older or younger than the designated age ranges will be allowed to participate. Dosage- exact dosages will be delivered to subjects. Number of trials- 4 trials, over the time period of two weeks (twice a week). Each subject will have to submit a health background to be eligible as a test subject. Drug will be given at same time each week (8:00 AM EST).