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Name: Sam Stone
Name: Jadyn Ziegler
Name: Mahoro Uwiringiyimana
Name: Jake Feltz
Name: Zachary Ramsey
Name: Nathan Natividad


Descriptive Statistics



According to these P-Values, it is determined that the heart rate data was not significant and the temperature data was significant.


Based on the results of both temperature and blood pressure collected with the spree device compared to the gold standard, it is evident that the spree device collects lower values than the gold standard. This difference is proved by the low value of the p-value which was really low, indicating the statistical significance. This means that if a person was to use the spree to collect the temperature and the blood pressure, he/she is likely going to get lower values which might further affect his health as he/she might get treated for something he/she is not suffering from. Therefore, although the spree device can be used to see the effect of doing exercises on blood pressure and temperature, it should not be used for medical purposes. Designers should adjust the it so that it can record values close enough to the standard values.


Target Population and Need

Our target population is students attending colleges or universities across the nation or anyone who responsibly consumes alcoholic beverages. It is a common fact that alcohol impairs the judgment of its consumers often leading to very unfortunate accidents occurring. These people need a device that can accurately and discretely display the actual amount of alcohol that they have consumed so that they can then make informed decisions regarding whether or not continuing to drink, or if it is safe to operate a vehicle.

Device Design

Problem Understanding Form The product must be small and portable. The technology must be able to fit on a ring or a watch. The product must be durable. It must be liquid proof and made of strong material in order to keep the screen clear of scratches. The material must be strong also so that the technology inside is safe. The product must be able to be concealed. The product must look like a normal ring or a very small attachment to go onto a watch so it is marketable and not obvious. The reading showing the level should be very small to conceal the number as well. The product must be accurate and detailed. The technology should be developed so that the blood alcohol content can be detected all the way to two decimal places and be correct within .01 every time The product must be cheap. The material and technology should be able to be afforded by college students because they have a limited amount of money.

Data Set

Inferential Statistics