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Name: Sam Stone
Name: Zachary Ramsey
Name: Mahoro Uwiringiyimana
Name: Jake Feltz
Name: Jadyn Ziegler
Name: Nathan Natividad


Descriptive Statistics

Experiment 1 - Humans
Human Data 1.jpg

Experiment 2 - Rats
Rat Data 1.jpg


Experiment 1 - Humans
Human Graph.jpg

Experiment 2 - Rats
Rat Graph.jpg


Experiment 1 - Humans
Human A.jpg

The Human Trial

Since there was more than two different groups, we ran an one way ANOVA test. This data is significant, due to the extremely low p-value.

Experiment 2 - Rats

The Rat Trials

Because we only had 2 different groups, we ran an unpaired t-test. Our p-value of .867 was not significant. Along with our graph, this p-value proves that our data has too much variability and is not significant.


Based on the data of both rats and humans, it is evident that the LPS dosage had effect on the humans and not on the rats. For humans, the more the LPS dosage, the higher the lever of the Inflammatory Protein.