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Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: The independent variable is the dosage of lipopolysaccharide (lps) because the dosage is what we are physically changing causing changes in the dependent variable.

Dependent Variable: The dependent variable is the level of inflammatory protein (Inflammotin)because it changes based on the amount of lipopolysaccharide administered.

Experimental Design

6 groups corresponding to the dosages 0mg,2mg,4mg,6mg,8mg,10mg.

Population of 48 Elderly people aged from 60 to 80 years old (volunteers).

Number of subjects per group
8 people randomly selected by names being pulled out of a hat.

Subject Selection

Subjects will be randomly selected by names being pulled out of a hat for the following doses:

Doses: 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, 10mg

0mg is the control (placebo) and 10mg is proven to work. The other doses are our test dosages. Since we are interested in the minimum amount of LPS needed to produce inflammatory protein, we are testing values under 10mg.

Double Blind study, patients don't know what dosage they are receiving and neither do the scientists who will be administering the drug. All pills will be coded so at the end of the trial the dosages can be found and interpreted preventing bias.

Measuring- We will measure blood samples using ELISA weekly for 12 weeks. We will measure the amount of the protein before and after taking the pill each week to realize any increase in protein production.

Sources of Error and Bias

1.A potential source of error can arise when patients take the pill and get measured for inflammatory protein on a full or empty stomach. Every Saturday morning after the patient has breakfast we will measure their preliminary protein levels, then administer the pill, then an hour later take a second set of measurements.

2. Diet and Exercise can bias data. We will require our patients to maintain their daily lifestyle in order to eliminate confounding variables. We want to see if LPS is causing inflammatory protein changes, not other factors.

3. Patient’s Health Status can be a source of error too. We will require an in depth medical examination before to test for any health risks that might influence the production of the protein. Also measuring inflammatory protein levels direct before and after every dosage will help clarify if there is any change.