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Descriptive Statistics/Graph

Legend: Device 1: Gold Standard Device 2: Spree Band


Temperature Temperature

Heart rate

Inferential Statistics

Pearson product moment correlation coefficient for the data sets of temperature (gold standard, spree band) in pre-walk, walk, and cool down.

Pre-Walk: 0.066284 (No Correlation) Walk: 0.212313 (No Correlation) Cool Down: -0.00362 (No Correlation)

Pearson product moment correlation coefficent for the data sets of heart rate (gold standard, spree band) in pre-walk, walk, and cool down.

Pre-Walk: 0.67505 (Positive Correlation) Walk: 0.900656 (Positive Correlation) Cool Down: 0.434971 (No Correlation)



Pre-Walk: 7.31405E-05 Walk: 2.83989E-63 Cool Down: 6.69401E-15

Heart Rate:

Pre-Walk:0.152591 Walk: 0.893176 Cool Down: 0.736745


The design flaws for the Spree band were that the band was not comfortable and had to be very tight on the head and after an hour of use the subject wearing the band said that the top of his head was numb. To fix this problem the company could either try making the band using a different material or by adding a fabric cover over the rubber band and also changing it from being put on the head to another area of the body such as the wrist , leg or arm. Another problem the group noticed is while doing the experiment the Spree band lost connection at times and the recommendation for that would be to increase the distance that the Spree band and the phone can be from each other. Also, the group thought the app for the Spree band was not user friendly and somewhat confusing. There was no indication that if you swiped right it would give you the exact numbers for the heart rate and other useful information. To fix this it would be helpful for the user to be given instructions to them right as they open the Spree band app for the first time. The group also thought that it would be useful that instead of the temperature bars that the app could give actual number or at least a temperature range.


Target Population and Need

The target population for the AudioBit would be athletic people that workout both in the gym and/or outside of the gym. A person that works out in the gym and/or outside of the gym would use AudioBit to listen to music while working out and also keep track of their core temperature, total calories burnt, and total steps taken throughout their entire workout. This would be a useful device for the consumer because it would allow them to know how hard they are working out from there core body temperature and how many calories they are burning and adjust there workouts accordingly to what they desire, it would also allow them to listen to music if they choose.

Device Design

Inferential Statistics


Heart Rate