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Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is the dose of an inflammation inducing agent, lipopolysaccharide or LPS. The dependent variable would be the levels of protein in a blood sample.

Experimental Design

To start we will need 50 volunteers between the ages of 65-80 years old. Before they come into the first visit the volunteers need to fast 8 hours before the first initial blood sample. The second time they come in each volunteer will be split up in to five groups. One group will be the control group and will receive the placebo pill; every other group will be split up in to different dosages of Lipopolysaccharide (8mg,6mg,4mg,and 2mg). After the dosages blood samples from each volunteer would be taken and recorded to determine the lowest possible dosage that causes Inflammotin.

Subject Selection

We will put an ad in the newspaper for volunteers for a study on LPS an inflammation inducing agent and will ensure transportation if needed.

Sources of Error and Bias

Some potential sources of error could be:

  • Undiagnosed health problems in the voulnteers such as allergies to LPS, Arithrtis, etc.
  • Human error such as recoding wrong measurement, contaminated samples, or incorrect labeling.
  • Male versus female samples. Both genders have biological differences such as estrogen and testosterone levels.
  • Only people who read the ad in that certain area will be tested which could create a possible bias.