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Name: Tofi Lautoa
Name: Paige Williams
Name: Sydney Spicer
Name: Vishal Giri
Name: Elijah Olivas
Name: Esteban Medrano


Independent and Dependent Variables

Dependent Variable- Concentration of inflammotin in the blood is the factor that is being affected by the amount of lipopolysaccharide ingested. Independent Variable- Amount of lipopolysaccharide needed to see any change in the inflammotin blood. (starting point 10mg)

Experimental Design


1.Control group- 0mg pill once a day taken in the morning

2.Experimental – 10mg pill once a day taken in the morning

3.Experimental- 8mg pill once a day taken in the morning

4.Experimental- 6mg pill once a day taken in the morning

5.Experimental- 4mg pill once a day taken in the morning

6.Experimental- 2mg pill once a day taken in the morning


Test subjects will be between the ages of 65 and 75.

Number of subjects per group
15 people per group; 90 test subjects in total.

Subject Selection

Choosing of subjects-

  Subjects will be chosen out of a random group of 250 volunteers aged 65 to 75. Volunteers must be in good health, besides having the health condition that this experiment is aiming to treat. Only 90 subjects will be randomly chosen from the 250 so that bias can be avoided as much as possible. 

Sources of Error and Bias

  Sources of error in this experiment include the subjects having undiagnosed health conditions that they aren't aware of, the subjects forgetting to take the pill at the correct time, negative reactions to the drug by itself or as a combination with other prescriptions, and inaccuracies in the medical measuring equipment.
  Possible fixes for the errors listed above include having subjects go through a basic health exam before starting the test to detect possible health conditions, creating a Remind 101 account for every subject so that they are reminded to take the pill at the correct time every day, monitor subjects' health throughout the experiment to prevent any negative reactions, and take multiple measurements for every measurement taken on every subject, and remove outliers.