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Name: Cara Beauvais
Name: Morgan Cobban
Name: Zachary Smith
Name: Ryan Bartholomew
Name: Jon Talos
Name: Jared Johns


Descriptive Statistics

Heart Rate

  • Gold Standard

Average:95.82285714 bpm
Standard Deviation:23.0670517
Standard Error:1.232985777

  • Spree Headband

Average:96.70028818 bpm
Standard Deviation:23.41883227
Standard Error:1.257188787


  • Gold Standard

Average:97.27472 degrees Fahrenheit
Standard Deviation:1.02415
Standard Error:0.052746

  • Spree Headband

Standard Deviation:1.19825
Standard Error:0.061713


Inferential Statistics

Heart Rate
t-Test: p=0.3455
Pearson's r: .632388451

t-Test: p=1.22891×10^-64
Pearson's r: .196367233

The closer to 1 a Pearson's r coefficient is, the higher the correlation between the data sets. Both numbers are positive so there is a positive trend in the data, but neither coefficient is close to 1 so there is not a strong correlation. This means the spree is not very reliable, but it is closer to the gold standard for BPM than temperature (.6 is a higher coefficient than .2).


Overall we decided the Spree headband was not all it talked itself up to be. On their website they boast about Spree's abilities to measure things other's cannot such as: body temperature, heart rate monitoring, and smart phone compatibility, just to name a few. However, the body temperature fell through when we discovered it only gave a vague general heat level, not an actual temperature. It did hold up on the end of heart rate monitoring which they claim to be more appealing since it does not require a chest strap, but in our opinion, a concealed chest strap is less of a problem than an awkward headband on your forehead which leaves a weird mark. One possible solution we came up with for this could be making it a wristband like Nike's Fuelband, or possibly making it into an armband like runners use to hold their phones. Finally, the Spree headband did a fine job connecting to our phone however it quickly went out of range and disconnected which could potentially cause problems.


Target Population and Need

The Treximo Smartsole will be marketable not only to large companies but also to the public. Our innovative workout technology is a necessity for all fitness enthusiasts. From marathon runners to the daily walker Treximo is the perfect addition to each workout. An estimated 1.6 million people have participated in a marathon, along with an estimated 460,000 collegiate athletes according to the NCAA our market is extremely expansive- and growing. We also plan to market to large companies such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, Saucony, etc. By marketing our technologies top them we have the possibility of built in Treximo technology into shoes.
Treximo IS moving forward with our society which generates the need. As many companies are coming out with wristbands, or headbands, we are creating a device no one will ever feel or notice. Many runners and people in general choose to wear shoe insoles just to improve comfort. Our device not only is comfortable but is just as functional! People don't like being seen with straps and bands around their bodies, let alone feeling uncomfortable while they're working out. Treximo takes this inconvenience away. as we grow as a society people will always be excising or being active, therefore creating an endless market.

Problem Understanding Form

Our devices features will include waterproof, durable, weight sensitive, timer, bluetooth, re-chargeable, and GPS tracking. In order to make it waterproof the materials will have to be carefully chosen, focusing on synthetic polymers which will account for durability as well. In order to make it weight sensitive, sensors will have to be built in under the surface of the sole. Bluetooth connection is extremely important because the phone app is what will be used for the timer, GPS, and pedometer, so the sole will need to send out a signal. Lastly, the sole will need to be rechargeable with a long lasting battery life for the convenience of the consumer.

Device Design

We aim to create a shoe insole designed to measure a multitude of bio-metrics. Our product will measure: distance, calories burned, steps taken, weight distribution, time, and workout frequency. This insoles will come in a variety of colors and range of arches. their material will be made similar to "Dr. Scholls" insoles, but our product will be light-years ahead technologically. With our Bluetooth compatible chips manufactured inside the soles any user will be able to connect to their feet as they workout! Given the circumstances some factors taken into consideration for design include making out chip waterproof, weight/pressure sensitive and resistance, durable, rechargeable, while still being comfortable.
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Data Sets