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Name: Krystal SChmitt
Name: Ashwin Krishnadoss
Name: Ladan Kamali Sarvestani
Name: Nathan McAdams
Name: Fangchi Shao
Name: Matthew Levins


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent variable: Lipopolysaccharide - dosage of inflammation inducing agent
Dependent variable: Level of Inflammotin - an inflammatory protein

Experimental Design

Number of groups: 5

Group 1 will receive a dosage of 10 mg of Lipopolysaccharide
Group 2 will receive a dosage of 8 mg of Lipopolysaccharide
Group 3 will receive a dosage of 6 mg of Lipopolysaccharide
Group 4 will receive a dosage of 4 mg of Lipopolysaccharide
Group 5 will receive a dosage of 2 mg of Lipopolysaccharide

Where group 1 is our control group.
The level of inflammotin of each subject should be measured before and after receiving the dosage. This experiment should be done daily for a total of two weeks.

The subjects age in the experiment should range from 65-70.

Number of subjects per group
Subject per group: 10

Subject Selection

The selection of participants should be randomized using a random number generator with the condition that they are within the age requirement.

Sources of Error and Bias

Sources of Error
Subjects with preexisting conditions
Subjects taking other medication
The difference in subjects' age
Gender of subjects
Subjects life style (diet and exercise)
Subjects ethnicity
Subjects could build a tolerance to Lipopolysaccharide

Sources of Bias
Our expectation of a higher dosage will result in higher inflammation levels could potentially influence our data analysis.
Disregarding data that does not agree with the trend we expect.

How to control our sources of error and bias
Make sure the subjects are randomized.
Make sure subjects don't have preexisting conditions and/or are on medication that could effect their levels of inflammotin.
Do limit the effects of error due to subjects age we should use a small age interval.
We should make sure we don't run the experiment too long so participants don't build a tolerance to the drug.
We should be open to any and all possible result and/or outcomes.
Don't disregard data to agree with our expectations.