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Name: Cory Kehoe
Name: Pedro Lopes
Name: Daniel Gaytan-Jenkins
Name: Brittany Metzler
Name: Morgan Baerwaldt
Name: Jaxon Lewandowski


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent variable: lipopolysaccharide

Dependent variable: inflammatory protein (Inflammotin)

Controlled items:
Same dosage over trial period for one subject
Administered at same time of day
Consistent diet
Testing done on same day every week

Experimental Design

Length of test: until the maximum expression of the protein is reached
Weekly checkins
Checkin 1:
take blood sample using ELISA and provide first dosage
Future checkins:
continue to take blood samples using ELISA and provided continued dosages

Groups - (72 people total)

  • Control group: sugar pill (placebo)
  • 10 mg pill of lipopolysaccharide
  • 8 mg pill of lipopolysaccharide
  • 6 mg pill of lipopolysaccharide
  • 4 mg pill of lipopolysaccharide
  • 2 mg pill of lipopolysaccharide

Retirement age: 65-85

- 88% of nursing home residents are 65 or older, and 45% are 85 or older.
- Statistic from a report done by AARP

Number of subjects per group
12 subjects per group

Subject Selection

  • Random selection in retirement homes and communities based off of their room numbers and addresses
  • Must fit the following criteria:
    • health standards
    • ambulatory
    • able to give informed consent
    • close to equal amount of men and women

Sources of Error and Bias

  • Individual’s reaction to drug
    • review preexisting health conditions to determine if participants are eligible for the study
  • Location of subjects’ residences (the demographic)
  • Deaths not related to the study