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Name: Bernard Silverman
Name: Ashley Hermosillo
Name: Ryan Hryciw
Name: Luis Novelo
Name: Sebastian Kramer
Name: Raegan Barry


Descriptive Statistics

Spree Headband Heart Rate
Standard Deviation 22.99431
Averages 88.3079
Standard Error 1.201932
Pulse Ox Heart Rate
Standard Deviation 23.2322
Averages 88.9249
Standard Error 1.214367
Spree Headband Temperature
Standard Deviation 1.347485
Averages 99.26738
Standard Error .069677
Oral Thermometer Temperature
Standard Deviation 1.170267
Averages 97.25642
Standard Error .060513


T-Test Temperature

T-Test Heart Rate
Pearson's R Correlation

We used the T-test for the data because we only had two sets and could compare their information in this test. We also used Pearson's R Correlation to find the linear correlation between the two data sets.

Average Temperature Average Heart Rate


After calculating our standard error we can see that the values are low so not that much error occurred with our data. Based on our T-Test results for temperature which were less than .05 we can determine that the data is statistically significant. But the T-test for the heart rate was more than .05 so this data is not statistically significant.


The Spree Headband is a band that you wear on your forehead that has a wireless performance optimization device to monitor your physical changes such as heart rate, temperature, speed, and distance. This headband has Bluetooth that connects to an app on your phone that you can get from the app store for free. This product is commonly used to monitor your health and fitness when working out or engaging in physical activity.

The Spree headband had many design flaws such as: the band making the head sweaty and hot, the band being bulky and uncomfortable, the temperature being shown as a level not as an actual value, the Bluetooth disconnecting if you got too far from your phone, and the heart rate being inaccurate and constantly fluctuating. These flaw could be fixed by creating a smaller technology, maybe something that could be worn on the wrist instead of the forehead. The way the temperature and heart rate are measured should be changed as well by giving the actual number, not just a level. Lastly, the Bluetooth needs to be able to go a longer range so you don't have to have your phone on you at all times. The company has created a new product that puts the technology into a hat instead of a headband that could fix the bulk and comfort issue, but it cannot be determined for sure without trying that product as well.


Target Population and Need

Our target population is athletes, mainly bodybuilders, runners, cyclists, tri-athletes, and endurance athletes of any age. We are also targeting any people who are trying to become more health conscious and want to monitor their hydration levels. Our product is a solution to the following needs: the regulation of hydration, heat stroke prevention, kidney stone prevention, nutritional awareness, and monitoring sodium concentrations.

Device Design

Hydroband is a stretchy nylon band that fits on your bicep/upper arm with the computer sensor on the inside of your arm. The computer sensor will consist of a thermister, pulse mister,

Description of image

Inferential Statistics

T-Test Avg Body Temp
T-Test Avg HR
T-Test Avg Na Comp

Average Body Temperature Average Body Temperature is Statistically Significant* Average Heart Rate Average Na Composition

Scatter Plot Body Temperature

Pearson's R, Body Temp

Scatter Plot Na Composition

Pearson's R, Na Comp

Scatter Plot Heart Rate

Pearson's R, HR