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Name: Gerrit Orthlieb
Name: Joel Harnisch
Name: Sai Adoni
Name: Sergio Mejia
Name: Brandon Burgers


Purpose: Find the lowest possible dose needed of an inflammation inducing agent (lipopolysaccaride) to increase the newly discovered inflammatory protein.

Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent variable: Amount in mg of lipopolysaccharide given to subjects. This is because we are changing the amount of LPS to find out the lowest dose still effective.

Dependent variable: Levels of inflammotin in blood determined by ELISA kit. This is because the amount of inflammation in the blood is the outcome of the amount of lipopolysaccharide used in the experiment.

Experimental Design

Various samples of lipopolysaccaride, which is an inflammation inducing agent, are given to a large sample of the elderly population. Samples that will be given to patients in each group are: 0mg, 1mg, 3mg, 5mg, 7mg, 9mg, 10mg of lipopolysaccaride. Then test levels of Inflammotin after drug has been administered. Repeat with a different group of the same age range and male:female ratio for 5 trials.


7 groups of 20 people

10 men and 10 women in each group

0 mg - placebo

1 mg

3 mg

5 mg

7 mg

9 mg

10 mg


55-70 years (majority of elderly population)

Number of subjects per group

20 people per group.

Subject Selection

Age Deviation in the US. The senior citizen age begins at age 55, so we wanted subjects who were at least of that age. We used this image to view what percent of the population is above 55 years of age. After age 70 the range of people alive tends to have a large decrease in percentage, so we decided to choose any subjects in between ages 55 and 70. We need 140 people, 70 men and 70 women in the age range specified.

We would not take people who have exercised prior to taking the drug or people who ate one hour prior to the study.

Sources of Error and Bias

1. Mistake in inflammatory protein testing method (ELISA kit use). Ensure that all those who administer the kits are trained in using them.

2. Food consumption before experiment might affect the results of the test compared to someone who did not eat before test was taken. Making this change would ensure that the lipopolysaccaride is fully absorbed when tested. To prevent this from happening it is required that all subjects avoid eating 1 hour prior to experiment.

3. Exercise can have a possible effect on blood pressure so it is recommended to avoid exercise 30 minutes prior to experiment.

4. Subjects must not use other blood pressure medication during the duration of the experiment as it may skew results.


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