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Name: Kevin Radja
Name: Evan Reid
Name: Gamuchirai Tavaziva
Name: Zachary Ticktin
Name: Nicholas Walker
Name: Angelica Gutierrez


Bayesian Statistics

  • Goal: Use Bayesian statistics to determine the reliability of the class’s attempt to detect disease SNPs and

predict a patient’s likelihood for developing the disease

  • The Bayesian Statistics imply...

Since the 1st and 2nd Bayes calculations are close to 1.00, they are more likely to be accurate in determining whether or not a patient has disease SNPs. However, the 3rd and 4th calculations are well under 0.5, which means they are less likely to accurately detect if a patient has disease SNPs.

  • Sources of Error:

- Error during measurement

- Error during computation and modeling

Computer-Aided Design

  • Our design incorperates a keypad and display screen so that it can operate without being attached to a computer. The keypad allows for the input of commands and the screen allows for the results to be displayed on the PCR machine itself. This allows the PCR to be mobile and be used anywhere.

  • The other aspect of our design has a built in fluorometer and camera in the bottom, which allows for all steps of analysis of the PCR products in the same machine. This helps to condense all steps of the PCR process into a single machine.

Consumables Kit & Hardware

Consumables: plastics, pipettor, and reagents (PCR mix, primers) The OpenPCR machine and software The Fluorimeter system (including slides, stand, etc.)
Strength: Easily disposable, easily manufactured for specific needs. Strength: Software worked perfectly, and executed as expected. Strength: Light works very well, hydrophobic plates work very well.
Weakness: Not environmentally friendly to be wasting plastics, In survival situations access to these materials may be cut off. Weakness: The PCR machine was made of wood, which may not have been the optimal insulator. Needs to be built out of durable material. Weakness: Difficult to get the system completely dark, especially in a room filled with flourescent lights. A built-in camera would be more accurate than a phone camera.
Our Brand Name: Rednexx PCR
Branding Positioning Target markets Messaging Place
The customer will be receiving the best most rugged-ized PCR machine available at Bass pro shops. This machine will allow the most elemetary of users to test for infectious diseases and cancers that will be common in post-apocalypse America. The only PCR machine to feature camoflauge exterior with a built in duck call signal to conclude tests. Not for your average lab-technicians with four year degrees, but they can use them too. Prepers, Self suffcient communities, those that will survive any apocalypse. Appealling to true American Redneck culture. Even the dumbest rednecks can use this machine, as long as they can read and follow the instruction manual (pictures included). Available at Bass Pro Shop, Army surplus stores, and Cheaper than Dirt.

Consumables Kit - how could you package the tubes, tips, micropipettor, PCR mix, and primers so that you can fix the major weakness you described?

  • The packaging for the tubes, tips, micropipettor, PCR mix, and primers should be eco-friendly and use less plastic. Recycled plastic from plastic bottles could be a better alternative because instead of wasting more plastic, we would be reusing plastic that has already been used before. Additionally, sterilization information and blueprints for printing plastics off of a 3D printer will be included in the user manual.

Hardware: PCR Machine – how will you redesign the PCR machine to improve the major weakness you described? Illustrate the change in TinkerCAD.

  • The Rednexx PCR will feature a Rino-Liner exterior which will provide it with optimal waterproofing and provide some shock resistance in the event of the machine being dropped.

Hardware: Fluorimeter - how will you redesign the Fluorimeter system to improve the major weakness you described?

  • This device will have a built-in fluorimeter that will allow the user to receive instant results instead of going through all the steps we had to take in lab. With a built-in camera and a pre-manufactured dark box, this will allow the device to provide the user with all-in-one image processing and interpretation.