BME100 f2014:Group24 L2

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Human LPS Data Analysis

  • ANOVA Test

Rats LPS Data Analysis


  • The LPS experiment showed that protein levels in rats had no significant changes during the experiment while the human test had a significant difference among trials. We did the unpaired two tail t-test on the rat experiment because we had two groups that were unrelated. The rats were divided into two trials one given 0 mg and the second one 10 mg. For the t-test we got a p-value of .867 which is greater than .05, therefore the test was inconclusive.
  • For the humans we had four groups that were given 0 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 15mg of LPS. We used an ANOVA test because there are multiple groups and the ANOVA test showed the p-value of 1.4x10^-16 which is less than .05 therefore the results are conclusive that there is a change of proteins. Therefore our data suggests that in rats the 0 mg and 10 mg dosage do not produce significant results and in humans the difference did not produce significant results suggest that rats given LPS are not affected by LPS unlike humans.