BMCB625:Severyn Qual Exam

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Qualifying Examination Scheduling

  • Please contact me regarding scheduling conflicts.

Current Prospective Days

Tues 4th September

Most Likely Date & Time 9:00am MRB634 (Chris will provide Brunch); room available until 1pm

    • OK with Maureen except for 2-4 PM
    • OK with Matt

Wed 5th September

    • OK with Maureen

Days of conflict (i.e., cannot have exam on this day)

  1. Any date before 29th August
  2. Wed & Thursday Afternoons: Clinical Responsibility for Faculty Member
  3. Friday 31 August
  4. Thurs & Friday 6&7 September
  5. Monday-Friday (10th-14th September)
  6. Sat 1 Sept

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