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The BMB Scientific Methodology club was created to facilitate sharing of techniques between researchers. All too commonly, labs use the same methodology for decades because it is "tried and true" and "that's just the way we do it" rather than "this is the best way." This is understandable, as it is already difficult to keep up with the latest research in one's respective field, also keeping up to date with the most recent advances in the much broader scope that is "methodology" is next to impossible. As such, this club aims to inform its members on advances in methodology that can improve efficiency in the laboratory. Additionally, it serves as a platform to discuss the pitfalls and best practices regarding scientific methodology, which also serves to educate on which techniques are best suited for a line of experimentation.

This club consists of:

  • A private listserv (
  • The OpenWetWare site
  • Monthly meetings

The club is managed by User:Joseph_L._Hill_Jr.