BISC220/S10: Cytoskeleton Imaging Paper

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Wellesley College     BISC 220     Cellular Physiology

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Cytoskeleton Imaging Final Paper

This partial report will be worth 35 points.

Your investigation of the cytoskeleton will be written individually as a partial scientific paper. Please include:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Results section (figures with proper legends and the appropriate accompanying narrative text)
  4. References

You may omit the introduction, materials and methods, and discussion (omit the larger significance of your findings, and omit bringing in other studies to corroborate or refute your findings).

Remember that the written paper must be entirely your own and should focus on your self-designed experiment. The Abstract should contain a brief introductory/background statement, your experimental objective, a very general outline of methods used, your results, and the significance of those results—all in a very condensed form. Use your experimental data to create figures from your microscopic images or think of other effective figure or table design to show how your results answer your experimental question. In your results narrative, be sure to do more than to merely describe the images or data: make sure you include a narrative flow that states the experimental objective, the methods used, and the answers to your experimental question (if the data allow clear conclusions or explain why they don’t, if appropriate). Include properly formatted legends for all figures and label specific structures on the images, where appropriate.