BISC110: Lab 7 Taster SNP3

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Wellesley College-BISC110 Introduction to Cell Biology-Fall 2009

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Lab 7 - Taster SNP Week 3

In lab this week, you will have a data analysis and writing workshop to prepare for your almost complete (you may omit the Materials & Methods section) scientific paper that is due at the beginning of Lab 8. (Please refer to the Resources section of this wiki where you will find helpful links to a Wellesley College Library resource page with reference search information and to a Wellesley Information Services page with links to a tutorial on how to use EndNote® to properly cite your references).

Each group will present their findings on their Direct-to-consumer genetic testing company as an oral presentation at the beginning of Lab 7, which, we hope, will start a lively class discussion about some of the ethical and policy issues which follow from the use of SNP technology. Please email your PowerPoint® presentations to yourself or to your First Class lab conference (not to your instructor, please) prior to lab so that you can access your visual aid from the presentation room. You will not meet in lab this week. Your instructor will let you know where to meet for your presentation for the scientific writing workshop that will follow our DTC discussion. See the Resources section of this wiki for Guidelines for Oral Presentations.