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<a name="Oligomeric Cell Killer"> Oligomeric Cell Killer</a>

<p class="paragraph">Team Todai nanORFEVRE tried to make cancer-specific pore-forming DNA origami drug.

We named this DNA nanostructure "Oligomeric Cell Killer".


<a name="Abstract"> Abstract</a>

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Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world. Chemotherapy is a popular treatment for cancer, however, it attacks normal cells in addition to cancer cells, causing severe side effects in some cases. Recently drug delivery system (DDS) has developed to improve cancer-specificity, but it is difficult to optimize delivery system for each drug.


Here, we tried to make a prototype of oligomeric cancer specific pore-forming DNA origami, termed Oligomeric Cell Killer (OCK), which might be a side effects free anti-cancer drug.


OCKs exist in a monomeric form in solution and penetrate into the cell randomly. Cancer specific molecules on the membrane of cancer cell trigger the oligomerization of OCK, resulting in the pore-forming and subsequent death of cancer cell. In contrast, the OCKs keep monomeric form in the normal cell, allowing the normal cell to keep alive. Our study might be the basis for cancer specific drug.


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