BIOL398-01/S11:Metabolic Pathway Presentation

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BIOL398-01: Biomathematical Modeling

MATH 388-01: Survey of Biomathematics

Loyola Marymount University

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Your PowerPoint presentation for your Metabolic Pathway Modeling Project will take place in class on Thursday, February 24. Please upload your slides to the wiki before class and link to them from your User page.

Presentation Guidelines

  • You will prepare a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation that will present your mathematical model of nitrogen metabolism in yeast. Please follow these guidelines when creating your presentation. You will need approximately 10 slides (1 slide per minute) for your presentation.
  • Your presentation should cover the following content:
    • Purpose and significance of the model
    • A list and explanation of the state variables needed to model the process of interest.
    • Your system of differential equations that model the dynamics.
    • An explanation of the terms in your equation(s) in order to justify your choices.
    • A list and explanation of all the parameters your model requires for numerical simulation.
    • The output (graphs) of your numerical simulation.
    • A discussion of your results and how they relate to the Journal of Bacteriology and Microbiology papers by ter Schure et al. (1995).
    • What future directions might you take.