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iGEM Team Leader Recruitment

Items discussed at board meeting on 10/03/06:

Graduate advisors

  • Time requirement:
    • Meet with the team once a week
    • Be available to asnwer questions in the lab on a daily basis (at least at the begining of the summer).
  • Frame a feasible project to accomplish over the summer
    • This is a selling point in my opinion -- if you have a cool idea and want to get together with some of your fellow grad students to plan a project and then oversee its execution for the summer, here's a very easy way to make that happen. (and you don't even need to hunt for resources).
  • Promote the class in two recruiting sessions organized by the undergrad BMES during IAP, and one more session at the beginning of the Spring. (basically, you just need to show up and participate in Q/A).
  • Interview and select undergrads for the team during Spring term
    • Expect ~30 applicants for 6 spots.
  • New class taught in Spring by Natalie and Drew
    • Potential to allow for interested team leaders to TA course?
  • You do not need to be a graduate student working in synthetic biology to mentor the iGEM team.

Action list

  • BMES talk on 10/30
  • Jamboree on 11/4-11/5
  • Need to decide how and when to announce to graduate students
  • How to sell the role as an expansion on academics, mentoring oppurtunity, class credit?
  • Send some sort of plan, proposal or set of questions to Doug or Drew?