BE Board: 11/07/06 Action Items

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Action Items: October


  • iGEM Graduate Student Advisors - Integration with Drew's new class
  • T-shirt distribution
  • Organize faculty candidate lunches and feedback (In Dec)
  • Group photo at the next meeting or find an alternative

Academic Representatives

  • iGEM Graduate Student Advisors - Keep in contact with Jason and Reshma to determine if the board should play a more active role.
  • Faculty Search Committee seminar during IAP
  • Survey Results Discussion and Summary of critical points for Doug

IM Sports Coordinators

  • IM Sports T-shirts - ordering
  • IM Sports equipment storage space - follow up with maintenance


  • Newsletter (Dec)


  • Monthly financial update to Social Chiars

GSC Representative / Social Chairs

  • Proposal for GSC funds to be used before Feb