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Post-doc Talk

When: Nov 15, 6-8 pm
Where: 56-154
What: A panel of post-docs will lead a discussion on post-doc life.

Food will be provided.
RSVP to remiller "at" mit "dot" edu by November 13 for planning purposes.

Potential Topics

  1. How to approach the search for a post-doc
  2. What to consider before accepting a position
  3. How a post-doc is different from being a graduate student
  4. Importance of networking skills and oppurtunities for networking (as a grad student and post-doc)
  5. Area of emphasis for post doc (new area, more of the same)
  6. Defined set of goals for a post-doc
  7. Independent funding for post-doc work, how important is it?
  8. What skills beyond scientific technique should be acquired in a post-doc
  9. Transition to a faculty position, preparing your work proposal for interviews
  10. Is doing a post-doc a horrible career decision (considering your qualifications at that point and the hours/pay)? Is there a good way to impartially evaluate whether it is a good idea for you - some sort of career counseling hotline? maybe a questionnaire?