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In December, there was a suggestion to generate a newsletter to pass along information to the graduate students and faculty and encourage additional participation in BE Board activities. Please feel free to post any suggestions in terms of format, content, publication medium, frequency, etc.

View & Suggest content you'd like to see on the next newsletter: Current Draft


In general:

  • IM sports, scores, results
  • BE board events: seminars, community service events, TGIF events
  • Student publication citations
  • Upcoming events - calendar of specific events
  • Departmental announcements - new faculty, new affliated faculty
  • GSC update
  • Things going on around campus
  • Ways to become involved with Board activities
  • Undergraduate

Single issue topics:

  • Course 20 T shirt design contest
  • New event fund oppurtunity
  • New faculty profiles
  • Student directory
  • New interactive wiki format for the BE board website
  • How to join openwetware and contribute


  • Divide into a series of sections
    • IM sports
    • Student publications
    • BE Board activities
    • Division News
    • Featured article about something specific going on in the division
    • GSC
    • On Campus
  • Single page, front and back
  • Monthly or every other month
  • Hard copies available at BATS and Thursday seminar