BE Board:Meeting minutes/9/08/2005

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Date: 09/08/2005
Time: 11:30am
Place: 56-302


Dave A, Maxine, Diana, Barry, Lisa, Jason, Nick, Jordan, Danielle, Kristen, Ben C, Jon, Shan, Megan P, Nancy, Ricardo, Amy

Welcome to a new year

  • BE board from last year had great success, but everyone should feel free to propose additions and alterations to improve upon the existing structure.
  • Meeting will be open to all students for the whole hour.
    • Pros: increase involvement, town hall format
    • Cons: Do we need a bigger room?
  • Increasing communication by starting a wiki for the BE Board
    • Hosting is available on []
    • Jason will set up the initial site and get people logins
    • Test the site out over the next month before making any decisions about what role, if any, we want the wiki to have.

Short-term events

  • Graduate program feedback/Annual survey (Ben C, Nick)
    • Faculty retreat this year will focus on the graduate curriculum, want student feedback via a survey by the end of September
    • Yearly survey has been done on paper previously, but an electronic approach will be attempted this year
    • Will attempt to integrate the two surveys to increase the amount of participation, but no decision has been made
    • Annual survey needs to be updated and there is a short time frame of the next four to five days to get that accomplished
    • The survey will be emailed to present and past board members for feedback
  • BE First-year dinners (Sept 27?) CHANGED TO WED 28 SEP
    • setting it for Tuesday Sept 27th
    • alternative options – suggesting a place to convene after dinner?
    • If you know of conflicts except sox tickets inform a board member
  • First-year Rep
    • representative – how to acquire one?
    • Shan:
      • want elections in the near future, integrate as soon as possible
      • would prefer to have the role of the first-year rep to be more defined
        • help out the academic chairs
        • help the social chairs to incorporate the first-years into the social activities more
    • General concerns:
      • want the first-years to get to know each other
      • maybe look at two positions – or would that make the board too big?
    • Feedback from first-years present
      • all are worried about work load and balancing such a commitment
    • Conclusion
      • Initial objective to just let them see the ropes and help to out with
      • Encourage the first-years to attend the next meeting and then let them vote once they have a better idea
  • Monthly meeting schedule
    • Diana will email the board members to work out an appropriate time
  • ASA room reservations
    • Diana will talk to Jordan, Maxine and academic chairs will be added to the list.

Undergraduate Committee (Jason)

  • Diana and Barry can step in if Jason cannot make it
  • There will be three meetings during the fall semester
  • The position – to have a graduate student on the academic undergrad committee for curriculum development, representing TAing, curriculum development, mentoring etc… graduate student voice on the board

Treasurer (Jordan)

  • If you are making purchases, keep your receipts and turn them into Mariann Murray in the academic office
  • You cannot be reimbursed for sales tax, instead you need to use the tax exempt form. If you need a copy of the tax exempt form, email Jordan.
  • When you buy something, please email Jordan to ensure expenses are kept up to date
  • Budget numbers on agenda only covers 90% because of the 10% overhead
  • Numbers have been altered due to the use of funds over the summer… for updated number talk to Jordan, he will email out individual groups.
  • Receipts much be itemized

Academics (Danielle, Nancy)

  • Industrial Seminar Series
    • Currently, the have three people for industrial seminars
    • first opening is for the first or second week of October
    • if you know anyone who you think would be interesting to invite, contact the industrial reps
    • Maxine – bimonthly, seemed like too much and now belief that cutting back to once a month might be better
    • Even though we only seem to need one more if we go to once a month, any contacts you have would be greatly appreciated
    • Previous seminar speakers from a class Steve and Pete taught
    • Ben C: meeting with Dan Darling – correlation between undergrad internships and industrial contacts, just passing information along at this point
  • First Year Advisee - Graduate Student Advisor Events
    • previous lack of interaction,
    • last year did two pizza dinner events to get advisee/advisor events
    • suggest an event in IAP to help with advisor selection process
    • make sure to coordinate with the TAs for events:

Social Committee (Megan M, Ricard, Shan)

  • September TGIF – flat top Jonnies: Sept 23rd, Friday
  • Future endeavors – possible bowling TGIF
  • BE.526 – quick information email needs to be sent for how to run the TGIF events, contact Mariann Murray , Megan McBee or Ricardo Brau for information
  • Ben C: new TGIF question – can we have new faculty members informally host the 526 events so that students can get to know them?

Diversity Committee (Maxine)

  • Four main topics we would like to cover – series of lunches and movies to represent specific cultures
  • Group will meet this month to discuss the whether to continue attempting to show movies or if there is a better alternative options
  • Additional options under investigation:
    • Also like to start inter-lab lunches, to allow labs to meet one another through some sort of presentation format
    • Invite faculty members or academic representative to show how diversity has impacted their careers or path etc…
    • Overall goal, to allow for small focused discussions on diversity issues, integration of minorities, fears, international student integration issues, objectives to find additional discusses at other BE events, aim for a discussion with moderation

IM Sports (Dave and Kristen)

  • Waiting for the email about the new sports
  • Potential expansion to informing the BE community about general sporting events and the resources available through the instititute.
  • Communication of a broader set of information should be tried out on the wiki to minimize emails

Volunteering (Lisa)

  • Want to have fun events, suggestions or recommendations are appreciated
  • Suggestions:
    • Danielle: bicycling advocacy event on the weekend of the 24th
    • Jason: Water station on the marathon – must sign up early
    • Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
      • is there interest in clothing or food drive in the division?
      • It might be best if our approach has a local slant
      • Can we become involved with helping visiting students adjusting?
      • General email to students to let them know what is going on and how people can help

GSC Representative (Megan P)

  • GSC is attempting to coordinate all of the graduate groups to allow a concerted effort
  • First meeting last night, it was “interesting”
  • Need signatures in order to become the official representative…