BE Board:Meeting minutes/8/30/2006

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Date: 08/30/2006
Time: 12:00pm
Place: 56-614

The New BE Board

  • Welcome new BE Board members. Contact Amy or Sean for any questions and concerns.
  • BE Board website is based on openwetware. Contact Amy for issues. There is a mailing list for each board position.
  • Meeting times will be set during first week of classes.
  • Elections for the first-year rep will be held in October.
  • Please, be aware of the institute hazing policy.

T-Shirt Competition

  • Amy will continue the competition efforts.
  • There may be a $3 coupon towards the T-shirt purchase offered if the annual survey is filled out.

Spending BE Board Money

  • Use tax exempt form; tax cannot be reimbursed. Submit itemized receipts to Mariann. Email the treasurer with the amount spent.
  • There are some excess funds with the New Events Fund.
  • Keep the 10% overhead cost in mind - only 90% of your allocated budget is available for spending.

Academic events

  • Industrial Seminar Series scheduled for September 2 with Bryan Baynes

Annual BE Survey

  • Both the old and new academic reps will revamp the annual survey. Sean will contact Aran Parillo and Ben Cosgrove for assistance.
  • The questions are intended to sample opinions regarding all aspects of the graduate education within BE from the entire graduate student community, not just the BE Board.
  • Please, provide input about the questions. There is a discussion forum on Wiki.

Social Events

  • An unofficial First-Year Welcome Party has been scheduled for September 9.
  • A Flat Top Johnny's or Sailing TGIF will be set up early in the academic year.

Diversity Events

  • Nancy Guillen is the new BE diversity representative.
  • Diversity events will include BE diversity seminars, cultural lunches, interlab lunches, and recruiting visits to undergraduate instutition representing underrepresented minorities.

Athletic events

  • The summer season ended successfully. The fall sports meeting is coming up.
  • We are accepting sports equipment donations and are looking into obtaining a locker for the equipment.

Undergraduate Curriculum Representative

  • There is no longer a UG curriculum representative; this position has been consolidated into the Academic Chair position.
  • There will be an extensive UG curriculum review by the faculty during the faculty retreat.
  • Linda Griffith is the head of the undergraduate curriculum. She invited a couple of graduate students to provide feedback on the curriculum.
  • The curriculum chat events received good feedback and will be continued.
  • Annual survey may be used to obtain graduate student feedback about the curriculum

GSC Meeting

  • The GSC is looking for volunteers for orientation events.
  • MIT students are eligible for BU dental plans.
  • There is an initiative SGCO for instituting a pass/fail option for graduate courses.
  • We are still in search for a GSC rep. Next meeting is on September 6.