BE Board:Meeting minutes/8/21/08

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Minutes - 08/18/08

  1. Coordinators
    • Next year's board
      • slots remain open: academic(1), social(2), treasurer...
      • Pls look at job descriptions on wiki and update.
  2. Social
    • One more low-key event for this summer: something that doesn't depend on the weather.
  3. Treasurer
    • Budget available but does not yet include Sailing BBQ receipts.
  4. Academic Rep: Luke
    • organizing one more talk to tide us over during transition
  5. Community service
    • Pine Street Inn: Saturday August 16th 430-630 ok
    • Beach Clean Up (COASTSWEEP?)
    • Boston Marathon ??
      • need >=30 ppl (could combine with another dept)
      • applications avilable in december
  6. Diversity
    • Games for all Ages Event not scheduled yet?
  7. GSC
    • need rep for next year? does lorenna count?
    • check out dental plan
      • MIT dental not a in-network provider!