BE Board:Meeting minutes/7/21/08

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BE Board Meeting Minutes (7/21/08)

  • Next month elections for new BE Board
  • New budget approved for $13,000 (request ~$12,200)
  • All agreed on canceling 20.526 for Fall 2008
  • Will include BE Board description for "How to Get Around MIT" book
  • No July social event, put all resources into Sailing BBQ. Asking for band and food recommendations.
  • TA Hours survey shows overload on 420 & 430 TAs. Recommended to increase 20.420 & 430 TAs and save 20.400 for an upper level graduate student.
  • ISS Seminar, August 13th 5:30 (Vertex, Kevin Sloan)
  • Pine Street Inn Community Service Event, August 9th, 10 people max, 4 people signed up.
  • Next year - setup Beach Clean Up (COASTSWEEP). This would be a community service event after the start of the school year, where we would take the commuter rail to the beach and help pick up trash