BE Board:Meeting minutes/7/06/2005

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Date: 07/06/2005
Time: 6:00pm
Place: 56-614


Kathryn Armstrong, Jon Behr, Ricardo Brau, Diana Chai, Ben Cosgrove, Maxine Jonas, Nick Marcantonio, Megan McBee, Shan Wu.

BE Board Budget (Diana)

  • Diana, Mariann Murray, and Roni Dudley-Cowans will credit the BE Board with the 2005-2006 budget, and make sure that their figures match at the start of this new financial year.

Faculty Search (Ricardo & HD)

  • Margaret Gardel will give an informal BE seminar on July 12, 2005.
  • BE Board members will meet with her that same afternoon.

Elections of the 2005-2006 BE Board

  • Mid-August, a new BE Board will be elected through an online process.
  • Nominations will be open early August 2005.
  • In the coming years, reducing the number of BE Board members attending meetings may be relevant and efficient, although it does not seem to be a necessary step at the present time (appointed officers tend to be more committed to getting things done, and meetings can be kept short and insightful with our current small group).

End of the Year Survey (Ben & Nick)

  • An end-of-the-year survey will be put together and either handed out during the July BE BBQ/softball social event, or distributed online.

BE Diversity (Jon, Nate & Maxine)

  • BE Diversity will hold a meeting in July 2005, to probe for interest in participating in next year’s event organization, and to start planning those.
  • A Puerto Rican cultural event will be held in August 2005.

Social Events (Kathryn, Megan & Nate)

  • A BE BBQ/softball afternoon will take place on Sunday, July 17, 2005. Alcohol will be authorized.

First-year Questions (Shan)

  • All the first years passed their written qualifying exams. Congratulations!
  • They subsequently met with Doug Lauffenburger and gave him suggestions as to how to make BE.420 and BE.400 more useful, more practically targeted.
  • How can we better integrate the CSBi PhD candidates into our BE Division? Do they wish us to do so?