BE Board:Meeting minutes/6/11/2007

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Meeting Minutes - 06/11/07


  • Kristen Bernick, Justin Buck, Sean Clarke, Ta-Chun Hang, Bonnie Huang, Hyung-Do Kim, Ranjani Krishnan, Brandon Kwong, Amy Nichols, Robin Prince, Mike Schmidt, Nidhi Shrivastav, Sonia Timberlake, Rachel Miller, Ranjani Krishnan, Lorenna Lee-Houghton, Shan Wu,


  • Update on BE undergraduate organization
    • One undergraduate event in past May, the event was successful. There will be one more in the fall.
    • Organizational structure: undergraduates will attend BE Board meetings for now until they are able to operate independently. Elections will occur in the fall.
    • Undergraduates will be invited to TGIF - BE Board members raised the issue that inviting undergraduates will cause administrative problems in planning social activities. We might have to resort to inviting undergraduates to only a few events.
    • Currently, there is no plan for integrating BMES or conflicting with BMES
  • Diversity Lunch
    • Sean is proposing to have an event to increase 'cultural' diversity - art, in this case. Sean's girlfriend is currently a Professor in art at University of Massachusetts and could be invited to give a talk about Neuroscience in art? There would be no restrictions on food.
  • Renovations in 56-614/Undergraduate Lounge
    • There exists disparity between faculty and students about which chairs they prefer. Email Amy if you want to be involved in renovation process.
    • Undergraduate lounge will be in the basement of 56. Undergraduates will be contacted about renovation.

First-Year Rep

  • Qualifying exams
    • are over and results are in.


  • Budget cycle
    • End of budget cycle is approaching (although we are not sure when that is).

Academic representatives

  • Curriculum chat
    • Curriculum chat with Natalie went well, additional attendance by synthetic biology experts
  • Summer events
    • Stem cell process with Whitehead and Harvard - happy hour with experts in stem cell field?

Social chairs

  • TGIF
    • Last month: R&D pub
    • There will be four more TGIFs:
      • Sailing Pavillion, tentatively June 29
      • Softball BBQ at Kresge Pit, tentatively July 21 (Saturday)
      • Beach trip for July/August - budget is an issue.
  • BE-ChemE BBQ
    • Last year, we contributed $1000 to split the event with ChemE.
    • Need to check with ChemE since no budget has been allocated.

Athletic chairs

  • Current sports
    • Softball teams are in full gear
  • Inventory
    • List will be on wiki
    • Should locks be only open to captains?

GSC rep

  • GSC Meeting
    • $40 charge for students by DAPER for use of gym during the summer.

Other suggestions

  • Alumni and Graduation
    • Should we have alumni come to give us advices about how to get through Ph.D. program.
    • Email list for social events - for alumni.