BE Board:Meeting minutes/6/02/2005

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Date: 06/02/2005
Time: 6:00pm
Place: 56-302


Kathryn Armstrong, Diana Chai, Brian Cook, Jordan Green, Maxine Jonas, Hyungdo Kim, Nick Marcantonio, Megan McBee, Nate Tedford, Shan Wu, Ben Zeskind

BE Board Budget 2005-2006

  • A 16% increase compared to 2004-2005 is proposed.
  • It is however justified because:
    1. the Division is expanding
    2. the BE Board offers more and more activities of increasing attendance and relevance for community building
    3. the Diversity group ended up not using much of its assigned budget this past year
    4. a total of four “academic seminar series” will be scheduled next year.
  • The budget proposal will be sent to Doug Lauffenburger & Dalia Gabour this week.

BE Board 2005 Elections

  • Do we want to restructure the BE Board, by having less representatives attending the meetings (rotation within each office) and an extended subcommittee structure? Pros would include faster-paced meetings, but cons a loss of points of views for every general discussion held during meetings.
  • 1 BE Diversity, 1 BE Industrial Seminars, 1 BE Community Service representative will be appointed.

BE.526 Social Hour

  • How did BE people like this new format of the weekly BE social hour? Overall, people (including a few faculty members every week) lingered around longer than at cookie hours, and more interactions were fostered.
  • The BE End of the Year Survey will address this question.


  • An academic seminar series will be instigated.
  • A BE softball/BBQ event will be scheduled.
  • IM sports: BE ranked 2nd in volleyball, 3rd in pistol, and the softball team is doing very well.
  • The GSC informs us that the City of Cambridge has agreed to a few MIT-claimed changes regarding the on-going constructions on Mass. Ave.: broader cross-walks, more lighting, one lane reserved for bikes/SafeRide buses between Vassar & Amherst Streets, etc. The State of Massachusetts will have to corroborate this acceptation.
  • The GSC is seeking to fill a position of Graduate Representative for Community Service.
  • The GSC can allot ~ $250 for BE activities, which we may use for BE undergrad/grad events.