BE Board:Meeting minutes/5/12/08

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  1. Coordinators
    • we got nothing
  2. Social Chairs
    • Beer Tasting
    • Contacted group from Sloan
    • Materials Science group going to Harpoon
  3. Treasurer
    • update would be useful
  4. Academic rep
    • ISS:Looking for someone more technically sound
    • TAhours survey
    • Scott doing career dev events
      1. ppl who recently did career search: lunch with grad students
      2. issues that ppl overcome en route to academia: 5-6
  5. Community service
  6. Athletic chairs
    • Team Cytokine Storm (softball) starts soon
  7. GSC Rep
    • P/D/F measure passed by faculty, starts Spring 2009
    • option for Dental care next year