BE Board:Meeting minutes/5/03/2005

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Date: 05/03/2005
Time: 6:00pm
Place: 56-402


Bree Aldridge, Jon Behr, Ricardo Brau, Kate Brown, Diana Chai, Barry Canton, Nancy Guillen, Maxine Jonas, Nick Marcantonio, Megan McBee, Nate Tedford, Shan Wu.

BE Bioethics (Kate, Nate, Nick, Maxine)

  • A lecture format wouldn’t be optimal, whereas a discussion-based event would be more formative & constructive.
  • We will invite speakers who would first give a short talk before mediating a student-fed discussion, which would make people think about bioethical issues, and get involved rather than passive.
  • Prof. Drew Endy is an excellent resource for us.
  • We will schedule these talks during the regular BE weekly seminar time slots, followed by social hour at the Muddy Charles. This should boost attendance and interactions.
  • We will probe the audience to steer the next topics and get feedback about what people want to hear about, and who from.
  • Philosophy of science, ethical responsibility, but also authorship, proper use of animal experiments, intellectual property are a priori subjects of interest.

Community Service (Bree & Diana)

  • Bread & Jam on May 22, 2005

Social Events (Kathryn, Megan & Nate)

  • Ideas for future events include paint ball, picnic and frisbee in the Boston Commons, nitrogen ice cream, softball & BBQ, sailing, board games, chocolate making class, wine tasting
  • The GSC will be hosting an acoustic BBQ on Friday, May 13, 2005.

Budget (Diana)

  • Social: account for higher attendance, and possibly a BE semi-formal.
  • IM sports: fees & equipment, participation is very high, and increasing each year.
  • Mediation committee: its survival is up to Samantha & Charles.
  • Academics: The Industrial Seminar Series could feature two speakers whose travel expenses should be covered (one Medtronic officer, a WPI bioethics professor). Additional funding will be seeked for advisor/advisee pizza hours, and career development/mentoring events.
  • Diversity: one “lunch + cultural activity” every other month.
  • BE Board meetings: same budget as this year.