BE Board:Meeting minutes/4/14/08

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  1. Coordinators
    • tomorrow is the deadline for the incoming class to accept. 18 so far
    • survey: fill it out!!
    • Biomedical Business Club via Sloan: joint TGIF or something?
    • Discuss collection of TA Data
      • survey question
      • was there already something on the survey about this
      • Do we want the data sooner?... maybe do the survey in june/july
      • can Sr. BE UGs TA ?
  2. Social Chairs
    • April 25 "Beers of the World" with diversity chair
  3. treasury
  4. 1st year rep
    • basement has a new couch!
  5. Academic rep
    • Future Events: study break?
    • ISS Wed April 30 @ 5pm with Kevin Munnelly, Biotrove
    • ISS Tues, June 3 @ 4pm with Dan Marshak, PerkinElmer (unconfirmed)
  6. Community service chair
    • Pine Street Inn Recap (8 ppl, went well!)
    • Greater Boston food Bank morning shift: Sat May3rd, 845am-12pm (couple more spots)