BE Board:Meeting minutes/4/05/10

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Minutes - 4/5/10

  1. Coordinators
    • Interview Weekend
      • Should it be split in to 2 weekends if we get more interviewees? Probably ok at 1 weekend if number stays between 30 and 40.
      • Have a planning committee next year composed of more than just first years; finalize budget with Dalia, escorts for students, dept cover drink budget
    • Faculty Candidates
      • need feedback on candidates in the next week
      • set questions to ask at lunch
      • Resume from Doug
    • Discussion about BE Alumni database
      • Look into infinite connection site
      • Invite alumni to social events
      • Tab on webpage with event info and link to directory
      • Facebook only if pictures etc could be hidden
  2. Diversity chair
    • Beers of the World Event
      • Friday April 9th, Tech Square
  3. Social chairs
    • Grad Rat event
      • Might be awkward at a TGIF- maybe at coffee hour instead?
    • GAME co-sponsored coffee hour
      • Find out more details, time, etc. Early on Friday will likely have poor attendance
  4. Academic representatives
    • ISS
      • Invite undergrads to seminar?
      • Their board will pay extra costs, require RSVP