BE Board:Meeting minutes/3/02/2006

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  • Date: 3/2/06
  • Location: 56-302
  • Time: 12pm


  • Q and A panel
    • After lunch next Friday March 17th, 1:30ish
    • 2 per year in general
    • Board will send out email to student
  • Faculty candidates
    • Four candidates will be interviewing with the division
    • No specific area for the faculty search
    • BE Board will summarize student comments and provide specific feedback to the division
    • Everyone shoud try to make it to the lunches and seminars, the more comments the better
  • Visiting committee
    • Every two years, a committee comes to visit the department,
    • The committe provides the deparment and MIT with constructive feedback
    • April 19th anad 20th ,
    • The board will put together a panel of undergraduate and graduate students
    • Need to give concise, specific feedback and will probably rely on the feedback from the surveys over the past year
  • Website
    • Old BE Board website has been redirected to the Wiki pages
    • any problems with redirect let Amy know
    • Directory information has been received from Dalia and will appear on the site in the near future
    • Board will send an email to students about change in pages

First Year Representative

  • Recruitment
    • Any recommendations from the upper classman should be sent to Sean
    • Recommendations: don’t take them in the basement
    • A non-official party is currently being planned
  • Dentistry
    • Article in the GSC magazine, most recent
    • BU dental has had bad reviews so far because it can be time consuming and poor scheduling
    • GSC has a subcommittee, but it seems to be really slow going

Diversity Representative

  • Russian lunch next Tuesday the 7th
  • April 12th – seminar from Harvard Diversity Provost
  • Interlab lunch last month went well

Community Service Chair

  • Msrathon information is on the wiki if people are interested
  • Nothing currently on the calander


  • Money is fine, updated budget on the wiki
  • New funds – about 800 if people have ideas

Academic Representatives

  • Retreat is shaping up a lot more
  • Want input for Monday night dinner discussions
    • One page of background to get discussions started
    • Every group will then synthesize some sort of cartoon or list to present the following day after the poster session, before lunch
    • More topics on the more light hearted side
    • At the meeting we discussed topics list and assigned things to people
  • Study breaks
    • more?, 2 per semester?
    • Need an additional $100 in order to pull it off
    • It would be nice to do the pre-quals one
  • Industrial seminar series
    • Still waiting on responses from people they have been contact
  • Retreat Speaker – CEO of Greenfield, using algae to make energy

Social Chairs

  • Retreat
    • Beach outing with various sports
    • Trail outing
    • Running lead by roger Kamm
  • Snowriders
    • Not many people are signed up, but lots of people are going
  • Skating on Saint Patricks day, March 17th – potential to try curling

Athletics Chairs

  • Spring sports getting under way
    • Softball for sure – probably only one team, only about 20 people at the moment
    • Interest in squash, trying to setup some sort of tournament through IM
  • KFC Hockey league last game on Sunday
  • Shirts are still being handed out – email Dave if necessary

UG Curriculum Representative

  • Cirriculum chat – Forest and Doug – went very well
  • Another one with Linda talking about how the curriculum works together

GSC Representative

  • Meeting last night – new president
  • ARC academinic and research committee – award nominations are now open, if we want to start recognizing students
  • Task force on diversity – Diversity report is on the GSC website
  • New residents hall
    • graduate students upset about lack of input
    • ashdown being turned into under grad dorm
    • if you want to get involved check the GSC website
  • Harvard/MIT dance party on March 19th on the Harvard campus (Dudley house)

Other Comments

  • Newletter – GSC section