BE Board:Meeting minutes/2/13/2007

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General Items (Amy)

  • Tenure forum occured on Jaunary 30th. Resources for emotional support available for students. Amy has brochures.
  • BE Board should extend to undergraduate population. Should we have two separate organizations for undergraduates and graduates of BE or one BE Board with two subcommittees? Talk to undergraduates and UROPs for opinions.

Treasury (Brandon)

  • New funding cycle doesn't occur until September. We have some extra money to spend.

Academic Events (Rachel, Nidhi)

  • Study break planned soon
  • BE Retreat planned for March 25 - 27 in Portsmouth, NH. Transportation (bus) available. Similar format as last year. Prof. Bevin Engelward is heading the planning committee. There is no keynote speaker yet. There are 4x 1 hour poster sessions planned. Deadline for poster submission and registration is tentatively on March 10.
  • Attendance at Industrial Seminar Series is dwindling down and those attending are often non-BE students. Chairs are looking for opinions on how to improve attendance. Problems are lack of funding for regular food events, scheduling issues for audience and speakers.

Social Events (Justin, Robin)

  • The Fall Social was a success.
  • TGIF is planned for 11/17. There will be a BE game night at 500 Tech Square. Please bring board games.
  • BE Holiday Party is scheduled at MIT Musem on 12/14.